Budget de 2018 – Recommandations préliminaires

Canada’s environment is central to Canadian prosperity.

The Green Budget Coalition (GBC), active since 1999, brings together nineteen of Canada’s leading environmental and conservation organizations, representing over 600,000 Canadians, to present an analysis of the most pressing issues regarding environmental sustainability in Canada and to make recommendations to the federal government regarding strategic fiscal and budgetary opportunities.

The GBC appreciated the many funding and tax measures in Budget 2017 advancing the GBC’s concerns, including reductions in fossil fuels subsidies, and funding for public transit, renewable energy and reduced diesel dependence in Indigenous, northern and rural communities, freshwater, the Indigenous Guardians Initiative, cleantech, and further openness to funding nature-based infrastructure.  However many more actions and investments are still needed to put Canada on an effective path towards protecting its air, water, unique biodiversity, and natural heritage and playing a responsible role in addressing climate change.

In Budget 2018 and fiscal announcements in the preceding months, the GBC recommends that the Government of Canada prioritize strategic investments to advance the following four objectives: 

  1. Delivering on Canada’s commitment to protect land, inland waters and oceans (at least 17% of our land and inland waters and at least 10% of our coastal and marine areas by 2020) , and to plan for the larger scale protection needed to sustain healthy ecosystems in the long term.
  2. Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture – Ensuring the next agricultural policy framework (NPF) includes significant investments in agri-environmental programs, policies, and scientific research, to provide long-term ecological, social, and economic benefits for all Canadians.
  3. Sustainable Fisheries – Investments in fish habitat protection and restoration, and in rebuilding, recovering and sustainably managing fisheries, to ensure sustainable fisheries management across Canada.

and Climate Change and Energy Sustainability, featuring…

  1. International Climate Financing – To support climate mitigation and adaptation efforts in developing countries, the GBC recommends Canada scale up its efforts on international climate finance, provide certainty on funding beyond 2020, and indicate how it intends to mobilize its fair share of international climate financing.

This document also outlines a select number of complementary recommendations, particularly related to climate change and energy sustainability, as well as for environmental laws, water monitoring, infrastructure, and renewing sunsetting funding for conservation and species at risk.

Your advice and opportunities for discussion on how best to improve and implement these recommendations would be welcome.  Lead contacts are listed for each recommendation.



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