Recommendations for Budget 2020

Canada and the world face a climate emergency and a biodiversity crisis. Canadians are already experiencing floods, fires, ecological disruption and a rapidly warming Arctic, and scientists project these and other impacts will intensify if climate change remains unchecked.

The Green Budget Coalition, comprising twenty-two leading Canadian environmental organizations, urges the Government of Canada to step up to this defining moment in history with the necessary investments in Budget 2020 to enable effective action.

Our Recommendations for Budget 2020 will help Canada make rapid progress. We draw upon the expertise of Canada’s environmental movement, as well as global knowledge and experience, to provide detailed, costed, strategic budget recommendations addressing critical environmental challenges. Implementing these recommendations would furnish economic, health, and environmental benefits for Canadians.

The GBC welcomed progress in recent federal budgets on climate action, protected areas, building and vehicle energy efficiency, food policy, and water, transit and natural infrastructure. However, we now need to scale up action before it is too late, to address the closely-related climate and biodiversity crises.

In this context, the Green Budget Coalition has developed its Recommendations for Budget 2020 addressing four themes:

  • First, the Green Budget Coalition urges scaled-up fiscal action to address the climate emergency, including eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and allocating major funding to building energy efficiency, transportation, community energy, international climate financing, nature-based solutions, and marine shipping, plus a number of complementary measures, including on carbon pricing, the Sustainable Finance report, and a just transition for energy sector workers.
  • Second, the Green Budget Coalition urges continued and ongoing investment in nature conservation and biodiversity, with a focus on: protected areas on public and private lands; habitat restoration, including wetlands and grasslands; oceans; and migratory birds.
  • Third, GBC recommendations regarding Sustainable Agriculture call for investing in agri-environmental programs, research and development, and a new facility for the National Insect Collection, to improve the agricultural sector’s sustainability, resilience and competitiveness.
  • Fourth, on Toxics and Pesticides we point to the need for regulatory departments to receive sufficient resources to meet and enforce current legislative requirements for managing toxic substances, including pesticides, to protect the health of Canadians and our environment.

We further outline complementary recommendations regarding environmental data and science, governance, plastics, water monitoring, wildlife vehicle collisions, and First Nations water infrastructure.

Implementing these Green Budget Coalition recommendations would lead to dramatic progress in advancing a healthier future for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Supplementary details for select recommendations are available here.