Submission to House of Commons Finance Committee 2016 pre-budget consultations (for 2017 budget)

Canada’s environment is central to Canadians’ prosperity. 

For Budget 2017, Green Budget Coalition recommends (pdf) that the Government of Canada emphasize a suite of fiscal tools and funding to achieve its climate change mitigation and adaptation goals, and related nature conservation objectives.

Specifically, the GBC recommends Budget 2017 ensure action to: 

  • Implement a well-designed, pan-Canadian carbon price: 
    • Starting at a price level that respects the social cost of carbon, with appreciable annual increases for several years;
    • Directing the revenues from carbon pricing to strategic purposes:
      •  Compensating low-income and other vulnerable individuals and families;
      •  Supporting emission reductions and clean economic growth; and
      •  Supporting adaptation to climate change, including natural solutions.
  • Phase-out exploration and development subsidies to the fossil fuel industry through a number of measures.
  • Take strategic, nation-wide, multi-year conservation action in three areas: 
    • Terrestrial protected areas – Expand and better protect our terrestrial protected areas system;
    • Working landscapes – Expand measures to conserve unique and ecologically significant wildlife habitat, and to ensure ecological connectivity; and
    • Oceans and fisheries – To fulfill Canada’s commitments to reach and exceed international marine protection targets and to ensure ocean health and sustainable fisheries.
  • Renew several important freshwater programs that are sunsetting in March 2017, and invest in reversing the trends of insufficient and inaccessible freshwater monitoring data. 
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