Budget 2019

In Budget 2019 and fiscal announcements in the preceding months, the Green Budget Coalition recommended that the Government of Canada prioritize measures to advance the following four objectives – each of which would create notable environmental, economic and social benefits for Canadians from coast to coast:

1) Tackling Toxics – Provide regulatory departments and agencies (ECCC, HC, PMRA) with sufficient resources to meet current and anticipated federal legislative requirements (CEPA, 1999, PCPA) for managing toxic substances, including pesticides, to protect the health of Canadians and our environment.

2) Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies – Continue progress on aligning fossil fuel tax policy with the Government’s climate change objectives through increased transparency and reporting, a volunteer peer review, and defining “efficient” fossil fuel subsidies.

3) Delivering on Canada’s Commitments to Sustainable Agriculture – Invest in agri-environmental programs, research & development, and food waste prevention programs to make Canada a trusted global leader in sustainable food production that improves the environment, resilience and competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

4) Delivering 21st Century Management for Freshwater Protection – To address aquatic habitat, land-based run-off of nutrients and pollution, balancing hydroelectric development with river connectivity and flows, water quality and quantity challenges, caused by climate change and changing land use.

This document also outlines a number of complementary recommendations, including for oceans, migratory birds, carbon pricing, international climate financing, cleaner Arctic ship fuels, zero emission vehicles, First Nations drinking water and wastewater, zero emission vehicles, community-owned clean energy, healthy homes, environmental data and science, and allocating Budget 2018 funding for protected areas, species at risk and environmental laws.