Creation of Expert Advisory Committee for Forthcoming Climate Legislation

The federal government has committed to develop net-zero legislation.  To be effective, such legislation must be grounded with an accountability framework to ensure these new targets do not simply fall by the wayside like every previous GHG emissions reduction target Canada has set. One of the key pillars of a best practice climate accountability framework is an arm’s length expert committee to advise on setting long-term GHG emissions reductions targets and pathways, setting interim targets (five-year carbon budgets) and regular climate impact reports. The committee would also independently monitor and report on plans to meet the targets and adapt to the climate impacts, and report on progress. The UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC) is regarded as the best practice standard for such an expert committee.

An agency’s ability to operate independently,  and thereby fulfill an apolitical role, is severely hampered if it is not provided with an adequate budget.

Recommended Investment:
$25 million over five years
for the development and operation of an independent, arm’s length expert advisory committee on climate change that will be established in forthcoming climate accountability legislation. [ECCC]

Tony Maas –
Dale Marshall –