Conserving Canada’s Birds Across Their Year-Round Range

Beloved by Canadians, Canada’s 451 native bird species keep ecosystems healthy through pest control, pollination, seed dispersal and nutrient cycling. However, North America has lost one third of its wild birds since 1970. Keeping healthy populations of migratory birds is a federal responsibility through the Migratory Bird Convention Act (1917, 1994). It is time to invest in birds.

The Green Budget Coalition is calling for targeted investments to restore bird populations to healthy levels by:

  • Mitigating human-related bird mortality in urban, agricultural and other human- altered landscapes in Canada;
  • Supporting protection of wintering habitat for Canada’s migratory birds in Latin America;
  • Maintaining strong science programs to inform conservation efforts; and
  • Supporting Indigenous led conservation and management of migratory bird habitat domestically and internationally.

Recommended Investment:

$23 million over four years [ECCC – Canadian Wildlife Service]

  • $6 million over four years to mitigate threats to birds;
  • $7 million over four years to support conservation efforts in Latin America;
  • $8 million over four years to support science to inform bird conservation; and
  • $2 million over four years for Indigenous-led conservation of migratory birds.


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Anne Lambert –