Establishing National Action Plan for Native Pollinator Protection

Native pollinators are vital—they enhance the reproduction and genetic diversity of around 80% of plant species, which create habitat and provide food and other resources for a wide range of species. Some native pollinators are facing decline due to factors such as habitat loss, pesticides, climate change and disease. Most native pollinators are virtually unknown by Canadians yet the success of efforts to protect and restore land as well as store carbon rely on viable populations of pollinators. The most recent global assessment indicates that policy responses should focus on reducing pressure from changes in land cover and configuration, land management and pesticides.116 It is time for Canada to invest in protecting its native pollinators. The Green Budget Coalition recommends that Budget 2022 fund ECCC to:

  1. Establish a Canadian Native Pollinator Roundtable ($2 million per year) to engage all levels of government, scientists, environmentalists, landowners, Indigenous peoples, and the Canadian public in developing a National Action Plan for Native Pollinator Protection in the context of Canada’s commitments on biodiversity and climate;
  2. Establish a Native Pollinator Monitoring Fund ($5 million per year) to support national monitoring, mapping, and ongoing reporting across Canada; and
  3. Develop a Native Pollinator Protection Program ($10 million per year) that provides increased operational capacity to address key threats to pollinators
    (e.g., overuse of pesticides, habitat loss, pathogen transfer), leverage independent scientific research and technological developments in support of native pollinators and their habitat and fund restorative work that could be carried out, for example, by farmers, acreage owners, and schools, and on corporate, federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous lands.

Recommended Investment:

$85 million over five years [ECCC, PSPC, CSC, DND, PC, DFO]


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