Expanding Indigenous Guardians Programs

The federal commitment in July 2021 of $173 million over five years to expand and scale up Indigenous Guardians programs across Canada has been welcomed as a historic investment that will help ensure the effective management of ecosystems for conservation goals while supporting reconciliation and wellness outcomes.

However, as noted by the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, this investment while significant does not yet go all the way. The Green Budget Coalition supports the call
for permanent funding for Indigenous-led conservation (as per our Protected Areas recommendation earlier in this document) so that every Nation that desires a Guardians program and envisions an IPCA is supported.

We will monitor for potential gaps in financial support, and submit a new recommendation as necessary, following the advice of Indigenous leaders in conservation.

Amount pending. [ECCC]


Gauri Sreenivasan – gsreenivasan@naturecanada.ca
Catherine Rondinaro – catherine.rondinaro@tnc.org