Independent Monitoring of Methane Emissions

Canada has committed to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 45% by 2025. Methane abatement offers some of the most cost-effective GHG reductions available. Canada passed new methane regulations and has reached an equivalency agreement with British Columbia to stand down federal requirements in favour of provincial regulations and is concluding similar agreements with Alberta and Saskatchewan. These regulations clarify industry’s obligations to monitor and report on emissions. However, field measurement of emissions by independent researchers has shown a wide divergence with emissions reported by industry and included in the federal inventory and questions remain as to the effectiveness of the different regulatory regimes in reducing emissions. In April 2020, the federal government provided $750 million in grants and loans to the oil and gas industry to accelerate abatement of methane emissions.

To assess the effectiveness of provincial regulations at meeting Canada’s commitments, to verify inventory figures and to monitor the effectiveness of federal grants and contributions for methane abatement, increased independent aerial and field measurement of methane emissions is warranted.

$16 million over two years. [NRCan]

Tom Green –