Preliminary Recommendations for Recovery and Budget Actions in 2020-2021

This Green Budget Coalition document provides a comprehensive package of timely recommendations, focused on job creating investment opportunities, while also addressing tax measures, foundational environmental funding, and re-aligning Canada’s economic and fiscal policy structures, and touches further on green strings below.

Feature Recommendations

For 2020-21, the Green Budget Coalition is featuring the following four transformative, investment opportunities with the potential to create new jobs and accelerate progress in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises:

  1. Stimulus investments to boost clean transportation industries – creating jobs while reducing Canada’s leading source of emissions
  2. Building retrofit jobs – Investments to reduce emissions
  3. Nature-based climate solutions
  4. Conservation and Protected Areas, including Indigenous Protected Areas and Guardian programs

We further outline in this document many complementary recommendations with the potential to create jobs and advance long-term environmental sustainability, including:

  • Further transformative large-scale investments in renewable and decentralized energy, transit, restoration, and natural infrastructure;
  • Smaller job-intensive investments including existing Great Lakes programs, wildlife collision mitigation infrastructure, and supporting a reduced reliance on single-use plastic and expansion of the cyclic economy;
  • Renewing and improving other existing foundational programs such as environmental enforcement, the Chemicals Management Plan, Pest Management Regulatory Agency, fisheries and oceans management, international climate finance, regional-scale governance, and First Nations water infrastructure;
  • New initiatives to support sustainable agriculture, freshwater, Canadian Water Agency, and environmental data and science.

Implementing these Green Budget Coalition recommendations would lead to transformative progress in advancing a healthier, safer future for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.