Recommendations for Recovery and Budget Actions in 2020-2021

As a society, we are at a crossroads. The need for recovery from the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 has tasked us with a historic responsibility. We can choose to reinvest in the status quo, or we can rebuild better and more safely. The choices we make will define our ability to deliver a society, economy and environment that is more resilient, just, and sustainable for current and future generations.

The Green Budget Coalition strongly encourages making climate and biodiversity objectives central to Canada’s recovery, and is featuring four recommendations to create jobs while accelerating Canada’s responses to the climate and biodiversity crises through additive investments in:

  1. Building energy efficiency retrofits – $10 billion to improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on fossil fuels in schools, hospitals, social housing, and residential buildings;
  2. Clean transportation – $4.8 billion over five years, including transit, zero emission vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and decarbonizing fuel supply;
  3. Nature-based climate solutions – $2.6 billion over five years, including reducing emissions through restoration of forests, grasslands, and wetlands, improved management of forestry and agricultural lands, and supporting natural infrastructure solutions; and
  4. Protected areas – $4.8 billion over five years, including increased support for Indigenous protected areas and Guardians programs.

The full report can be downloaded above. Individual recommendations can be accessed online below: