Recommendations for Budget 2022

The Green Budget Coalition, comprising 23 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations, much appreciates the major federal funding announcements for climate and nature progress over 2020-2021, and urges the government to continue to act to seize this opportunity to transform society to address the twin climate and biodiversity crises, create sustainable jobs and ensure enduring prosperity and well-being for all.

The Green Budget Coalition welcomed the federal government’s unprecedented multi-billion dollar investments over 2020-2021 that were aligned with the Coalition’s recommendations, particularly for building retrofits, clean transportation, nature-based climate solutions, and protected areas involving Indigenous leadership. However, without effective use of this funding and further investments, Canada will not hit our targets for net zero emissions by 2050 and protecting 30% of Canada’s land and water by 2030, nor achieve full nature recovery.

Building on the Green Budget Coalition’s expertise, this document provides a comprehensive package of timely budget and fiscal recommendations whose adoption would advance progress on climate, nature, and equity, while creating jobs and protecting individual and collective health.

For all of these areas, we emphasize the importance of effective implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure successful outcomes from new and ongoing programs.


The complete document, including all references.


1. Canada’s Renovation Wave: A Plan for Jobs and Climate

2. Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies & Re-Orienting Public Finance

3. Freshwater Management for the 21st Century

4. Permanent Funding for Protected Areas

5. Office of Environmental Justice and Equity