Collaborating on Regional-Scale Environmental Governance

COVID-19 has amplified important conversations about the need to transform the way we make decisions that affect our environment and communities.

Regional assessments (RAs) and strategic assessments (SAs) are a critical but underused tool for taking stock of cumulative effects and having collaborative discussions about shared visions of the future and pathways for achieving desired outcomes.

Further funding is required to continue Canada’s RA and SA program, in partnership with provincial and Indigenous authorities, to protect biodiversity, nature and the climate.

Recommended Investment [IAAC]:

$155 million over five years:

•   $50 million over five years to: incentivize and facilitate the collaborative participation of provincial and Indigenous authorities in RAs and SAs, by offering financial support for land and resource use planning following the successful completion of assessments; encourage land and resource use planning and better management of cumulative effects; and better inform project-level decision making.

•   $5 million over five years to establish an advisory panel of Canada’s leading experts to inform the development of regulations and supporting policy under the Impact Assessment Act respecting the processes, objectives and outcomes of RA and SA. The GBC recommends that this panel also help identify priority RAs and SAs, and advise on the terms of reference of those first assessments.

•   $100 million over five years to establish co- governance bodies with provincial/territorial and Indigenous authorities to conduct further RAs and SAs according to best practices, do follow-up and monitoring, and ensure that those assessments inform project-level decisions with up-to-date information.

Anna Johnston –