North American Waterfowl Management Plan Challenge Fund Top-Up

The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) is one of the most successful international habitat conservation partnerships in the world. To date, Canadian partners in NAWMP have secured 22.8 million acres, enhanced 3.5 million acres and influenced the conservation of 167 million acres of wetlands and associated habitats in Canada.

NAWMP supports healthy waterfowl populations, provides tangible biodiversity and climate change benefits, and directly contributes to Canada’s commitment to conserve 25% of Canada’s terrestrial areas by 2025. Projects under the program provide net economic benefits to the Canadian economy.

Canadian NAWMP activities generate new construction work, create jobs, provide ecosystem services that benefit Canadians and also leverage United States NAWMP matching funding for habitat conservation work in Canada.

Recent commitments from the United States to increase the match funding available for habitat conservation programs provide an unprecedented opportunity to further capitalize on NAWMP’s ecological, economic and social benefits at a critical time in Canadian history. However, realizing these benefits requires new investments from Canadian NAWMP partners to meet the match funding requirements.

Recommended  Investment:
$10 million in 2020
[ECCC], matched by external funds from NAWMP and Joint Venture partners

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