Electrifying school buses: a low-hanging fruit in transportation decarbonization

School buses can play a vital role in decarbonizing transportation because their routes are predictable, they have short distances, and can recharge at central locations.

Although the Zero Emission Transit Fund (ZETF) and Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) offer federal funding support, addressing funding sufficiency and accessibility is essential amid evolving policies.

Based on extensive research and consultations, the Green Budget Coalition has developed a detailed recommendation to accelerate progress in deploying and utilizing ESBs in Canada, primarily by improving the effectiveness of current federal programs.

This detailed recommendation provides advice for four priority areas:

  1. Ensuring sufficient supply of ESBs.
  2. Ensuring federal funding for ESBs is sufficient and easily accessible.
  3. Facilitating data collection and knowledge sharing.
  4. Building knowledge and expertise of fleet operators and workforce on ESBs.

Please see greenbudget.ca/recommendations/2024/electrifying-school-buses-a-low-hanging-fruitin-transportation-decarbonization-detailedrecommendation/ for the Green Budget Coalition’s more detailed recommendation on electric school buses.

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